We often hear about air pollution, but rarely do we discuss noise pollution. When in our everyday lives, noises (especially loud ones) can disrupt one’s health by causing hearing loss or stress-related illnesses such as anxiety. Repeated or continuous noise can trigger the body’s natural stress response, which puts undue strain on the heart and other functions of the body.


When we are driving in our car, there are a lot of noises involved in the interior with radio and passenger chatter, but exterior noises, like traffic and road work, also cause significant noise. A loose windshield or any other window in the car can cause air to flow into the interior when it is traveling at high speeds, causing a whistling or rushing noise.

Here are the three most common problems associated with road noise caused by loose or broken windows:

The side window will not shut all the way.

Sometimes, a window goes off the motorized tracks or fully shatters due to the pressure of the same track. As one would guess, the window does not close all the way after this happens. A hissing noise can be indicative that your side windows might not be closing all the way. A great way of testing this is to try closing the window all the way until it stops on the track and try to fit something thin, like a piece of paper, in between the window and the frame. If you can fit a piece of paper through it, then you need to bring the car in to have the window(s) put back on track.

The windshield was incorrectly installed.

Unfortunately, not everyone can install a windshield with pride and professionalism like the experts at Texan Glass. When you have a windshield that is improperly mounted or installed, it can create major safety hazards. While driving, a loose windshield can come off completely, potentially causing an accident or injury to yourself and/or other people on the road.

Whether you did it yourself or had it done by an unlicensed person and are hearing any noises coming from the edges, it is imperative to get your vehicle in to have the windshield properly installed, lest an accident occurs as a result.

Small cracks and chips in glass and trim can cause road noise

There is damage around the perimeter of the glass.

If you don’t hear any noise coming through a crack or hole in the actual window, it could be because the sealant point around the edge of the class is damaged. The result of this could be a loose windshield or a side window off its tracks.

Like any sharp edge, a chipped or cracked edge of a windshield can slash and rip at the seal.

No matter what the problem, rest assured that the trained professionals at Texan Glass and Solar can make sure your car is roadworthy again. Contact us or stop by today so one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members can help you drive with significantly less noise pollution in your life.