If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re looking for the bottom line on how much a windshield replacement costs. And the answer may surprise you…

Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as you may hope, but a quick estimate for a standard vehicle is around $175-$300 for a basic windshield replacement.

But which one is it?

The cost of a windshield depends on a number of factors including:

  • Year, make, and model of your vehicle
  • Aftermarket vs. dealer & OEM replacement
  • Vehicle’s country of origin
  • ADAS calibration (Advanced driver assistance systems)
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Year, make, and model of your vehicle

Vehicles have become more advanced over the years, and some vehicles require larger glass or specialty glass. All of these factors can affect the price of a windshield.

Whereas a 1998 Toyota Camry might fall closer to the $175 range, a 2019 Dodge Ram might run higher toward the $300+ range. It all depends on what you drive.

It’s safe to say that most vehicles with a lower price tag will fall on the cheaper end of the range, and vice versa for higher priced vehicles.


Aftermarket vs. dealer & OEM replacement

If you are paying out of pocket, you have the choice between buying aftermarket or dealer/OEM in most cases.

Some models do not have safe aftermarket glass, in which case it would require OEM parts to be purchased.

OEM & dealer parts are more expensive, but they are recommended by most manufacturers. Aftermarket parts are most often competitive quality-wise, but they come at a much cheaper cost.

If you are using your insurance to pay for the replacement, many insurance providers will require that OEM parts be used, as they are certified by the manufacturers to function correctly in the vehicle.

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Vehicle’s country of origin

To build off of the year, make, and model, the make plays a big part in the cost of a windshield.

Part of the inherent cost in buying that BMW or Mercedes means paying more for parts and repairs.

This is also true when it comes to auto glass. Many German, English, and Italian-made cars require OEM glass to be used, as there are no other aftermarket options available. Naturally, this makes the cost more expensive.

In contrast, if you drive a Toyota or Nissan, both the OEM and aftermarket costs will be lower.

However, one benefit that might come to your favor is that if the cost of your windshield exceeds your deductible, your insurance may cover it. Check with your insurance provider to verify.


ADAS calibration

This is one of the newest innovations in the auto glass industry. ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are the safety and technology features in your vehicle like lane departure warnings and automatic headlights.

These systems are often intertwined with your vehicle’s auto glass, so when you get a windshield replaced, it may cause the ADAS to need calibration.

Without a calibration, you risk the danger of these systems not working properly, ultimately rendering them useless.

An ADAS calibration would warrant an additional cost, as it is an additional service. On top of this, not all auto glass providers can provide ADAS calibrations, so it is essential to find a business that can do both.

Even if you end up not needing a calibration, an auto glass provider with ADAS services can check to ensure your systems are properly working.

Do you need a repair or replacement?

One common question we get a lot is whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Safety is our number one priority, and we do not advise repairs unless we can guarantee there is no impending danger.

We care more about keeping our customers safe than we do taking quick money for a repair that should really be a replacement.

A rule of thumb we use for this determination is that if the chip or crack is larger than the size of a quarter, we recommend a replacement. If it’s smaller than a quarter, we can safely perform a repair.

The last thing we want is to recommend a repair, then later our customer’s windshield cracks even more or shatters, ultimately costing the customer much more than an original replacement would cost.

Companies who guarantee they can repair cracks as large as a foot long are doing so with the knowledge that it’s just a temporary fix, and can easily lead to more cracks or a shatter.


What about other glasses?

Windshields all serve the same function, but when it comes to other types of auto glass- windows, back glass, vent glass, and more- costs can differ even more.

The most expensive tends to be back glass, as it is made from a different type of glass and typically involves different features like a defrost grid or sliding window.


With all that being said, the cost of a windshield replacement isn’t totally straight forward. However, if you’re unsure, it’s best to call and get quotes from reputable shops.

Remember to find shops that are capable of ADAS calibrations if your vehicle has safety features like collision warnings or an automatic braking system (ABS).

Many shops are able to give you an instant quote when you call, so that’s the best way of fully understanding what your vehicle’s specific needs are.

If you’re looking for a windshield replacement company in The Woodlands, Corpus Christi, Victoria, and the greater Houston area, we encourage you to give us a call. We provide ADAS calibrations, free mobile service, and the best prices and service around.