If you recently had a windshield repaired or replaced, your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) may need calibration.

ADAS calibrations have become an increasingly important topic among the auto glass industry and among consumers alike. In summary, ADAS are the safety technology features your vehicle uses to make driving safer, more comfortable, and more convenient.

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ADAS takes many different forms, but one system you may be familiar with are parking sensors. As soon as you’re getting close to an object while backing up, it’s ADAS that warns you when you’re getting too close.

Here are some other examples of ADAS:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Automatic braking system (ABS)
  • Blind spot monitors
  • Collision avoidance systems

Needless to say, in many vehicles ADAS is essential to the vehicle’s full functioning. Many car buyers even pay extra to have technologically advanced ADAS features that help to protect the driver and passengers.

But what most auto glass companies do not want you to know is that this calibration is often necessary after an auto glass repair.

It’s unsettling to think that plenty of people don’t know that when replacing auto glass, the ADAS can oftentimes become disarrayed, triggering a need for a calibration.

Something as simple as a windshield replacement can render the ADAS useless, or even dangerous.

Going back to the parking sensor example, what if you trusted your sensors while backing up, but they failed to alert you due to not being calibrated.

This system is part of the overall value of your car, and now it’s completely useless. Along with this, you’re putting yourself and others in potential failure. What if it were a more serious system like automatic braking or blind spot monitoring?

With all that being said, the hot topic in the auto glass industry is learning how to perform the ADAS calibration, so that companies can replace auto glass with confidence.

Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of simply learning how. ADAS calibrations require expensive machinery that must be operated in a shop setting.

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This ultimately rules out any auto glass company that does not have a spacious, physical shop location.

ADAS calibrations cannot be conducted during mobile service, so it rules out parking lot glass companies and any other providers who have no physical business location.

Companies who cannot perform these calibrations are incentivized to keep it on the down low. If they say you need a calibration but that they cannot perform it, they will have to send you to another glass company, after all!

Auto glass replacements and ADAS calibrations should be a one-stop service, and at Texan Glass, we’ve accomplished that. Along with being the most established Texas-based glass company in the greater Houston area, we’re also able to complete auto glass repairs and ADAS calibrations in one service.

No more questioning whether or not you need a calibration- our data systems allow us to search by VIN number to determine the exact safety systems in your vehicle, and determine if these systems are not calibrated.

At Texan Glass, safety is our highest priority, which is why we are among the first auto glass companies to equip our shops in The Woodlands and Corpus Christi with advanced ADAS calibration equipment.

To learn more about ADAS, be sure to visit our ADAS page. If you’d like to inquire as to whether or not your vehicle needs a calibration, contact us today!