In the rear of any car, there is a back windshield. This window, like the front, protects the people in the car from the elements outside and it also helps maintain the frame of the vehicle, keeping the vehicle’s rigidity. Despite functioning in much the same way as the front windshield, how the back windshield is made and installed, and the features that are added to it are very different.

Rear Windshield Glass Repair

How They Make Rear Windshields

Like the side, vent, or quarter glass panel windows, the rear windshield is manufactured using tempered glass. Treatments, either chemical or thermal, applied to the window reinforce them further so it can stand up against severe impacts or, if it breaks, will break apart into tiny pieces as opposed to large shards that can critically injure people.

Features of Rear Windshields

Like most things in life, there are many variations on the rear windshield, so they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Car manufacturers will design their windshields (front and rear) to fit the specific cars they build, making each one unique. On most models of cars, the rear windshield is bonded, welded, or glued to the rear frame. Occasionally, some trucks will have windows called “truck sliders” or windows which open out via specially constructed hinges.

The reason for these features is so air can flow through or circulate and provide extra room if needed for more cargo. On some vehicles, especially SUV’s without a slanted rear windshield (like with most sedans) for rain to roll off easily, there might be rear windshield wipers so the back windshield can stay free from obstructions to the driver’s view.

How a Rear Windshield Is Replaced

Though it might not seem like it to the casual observer, the rear windshield holds just as much importance as the front and it plays just as much part in the safety of the driver and passengers as any of the other windows on the vehicle. With this in mind, it is suggested never to procrastinate getting a rear windshield professionally repaired or replaced if it is damaged by a wreck or other means. By putting off the replacement or repair, you could potentially risk a more serious injury in the event of a collision because there is no barrier in the rear to shield those in the car.

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In Case You Need a New or Repaired Rear Windshield

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