Security Shutters and Screens

One of the most vulnerable points of entry in any home or business is windows and glass sliding doors. Here in Southeast Texas, hurricane season brings strong winds that send debris crashing through those glass openings relentlessly. The rise in crime has also created a concern for home and business owners to protect their points of entry from elements beyond control. Texan Glass & Solar Control offers some of the toughest products on the market to protect your home or business! Our metal shutters and screens are designed to protect against the worst of challenges – giving you peace of mind in any situation. 

Types of Security & Protection:

  • Rolling Security & Hurricane Shutters
  • Accordion Shutters
  • Colonial Shutters
  • Bahama Shutters
  • Grille & Perforated Shutters
  • Storm & Security Screens
Houston Rolling Security Shutters


Business Protection


Our rolling shutters can be built both wider and taller than foam-filled shutters, making it the perfect choice for commercial applications. These shutters are widely used in the United States for their loss prevention and design benefits. Commercial shutters can be perforated for night time merchandising as well. We’ve combined premium design with unparalleled strength. The single-walled, extruded slats withstand sledge hammer impacts and hurricane impact tests on a consistent basis. In fact, in head-to-head tests, these shutters outperformed it’s foam-filled competitors every single time. 



Home Protection


Aesthetically pleasing and subtle, Texan Glass & Solar Control’s rollup shutters are invisible from the inside when installed on the exterior of a home. Hurricane-approved, our shutters are available in several attractive options. They are designed to fit in the smallest box housing in the industry, which allows for a more subtle look and smaller space. Texan Glass & Solar Control also offers curved, beveled or square housings to blend into your home’s architecture. In addition to manual systems, we proudly offer motorized units – including battery operated and hard-wired. Have more questions? Give us a call at 281-296-6200 today or contact us for more information! 





Side-Folding Grilles


The clean, attractive lines of the accordion style folding shutters make it the most popular style of storefront closure in malls. Clear, wide inserts give an unobstructed view of displayed merchandise and store interior design, while providing a protective barrier against theft and intrusion. These shutters have smooth-rolling grilles that run on 1-1/8″ (28.6mm) diameter twin rollers in a tough overhead track that is an exclusive design of our manufacturing partner, QMI USA. The grille curtains and lock posts are suspended with 5/16″ (7.9mm) diameter cold-rolled steel hanger rods that reduce deformation over the lifetime of the grille. Polycarbonate 1/8″ (3.2mm) inserts provide shatterproof, clear glazed, secure grilles that virtually eliminate smash and grab theft.



Bahama Shutters


Bahama shutters are a stylish and elegant way to protect your home. These tropically-inspired shutters help to enhance the look of your home every day and provide protection when you need it. When open, Bahama shutters provide shade and privacy while still letting in the fresh air and light. When closed, Bahama shutters protect your home from extreme weather and storms. In addition to protecting your home from storm damage and intruders, these shutters will add a nice accent to your home all year long! Perfect for houses in the Galveston, TX and gulf coast bay areas!


Bahama & Colonial Shutters – Colors



Colonial Shutters


Colonial shutters by Texan Glass & Solar Control offer contemporary storm and bugler protection with a traditional style, look and feel. Not only do colonial shutters provide shade and privacy, they virtually eliminate the need for interior blinds as well. When in the closed position, these shutters still allow light and air to flow through your home. Hurricane-approved and easy to use, colonial shutters are a great way to protect your home here in Texas! These shutters are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance too!




Transparoll Security Shutters


Texan Glass & Solar Control is proud to feature QMI USA’s Transparoll Security Shutter System! Transparoll shutters are the premier security and partition shutters in the industry. These shutters are essentially a “glass” wall that allows for maximum visibility, protection and elegance. The clear polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. Transparoll shutters roll up when not in use. They also offer security without altering the aesthetic of the shopping environment. Perfect as a security partition or wall, they can be used as inside or outside applications. 



Security Grilles


Security grilles are an excellent way to protect inventory, while maintaining visibility. Often used in kiosks, security grilles are a cost-effective investment. These shutters may be mounted either on the interior or exterior surface of the storefront glazing. The first goal in retail security is to deter intruders from even attempting a break in. Interior mounted window security gates provide an additional layer that a criminal would have to find a way to get through. Often, a criminal will break a glass window or door to enter the business, thus setting off an alarm. A security grille creates another barrier between the merchandise, causing the intruder to flee before the police arrive. 




Safety Without Compromise


Safely Exit When Needed: A simple panic bar along one side provides easy emergency egress; however, burglars and flying debris are kept safely outside. Hinged screens should be used on bedrooms and basement windows for safety. 


Visibility & Protection: Security screens not only protect from intruders, but the sun too! In fact, the black wire cloth reduces UV rays by 60% and reduces solar heat gain by 22%. These bonus features of the mesh reduce fading of a home’s interiors and lower the cost of cooling the home. Interior glare is also reduced, while still allowing visible light into the interior space. 


Most peoples choose to remove their existing bug screens and just utilize the stainless mesh. The mesh provides the same protection from critters, or probably more, as many existing screens have holes where lizards and large bugs may enter. No need to worry about grasshoppers munching on these screens. Ventilation is also essentially the same with the stainless mesh as it is with current aluminum or poly bug screens. In conclusion, the Roll-a-way stainless steel mesh is a super-duty window protection reducing energy costs, reducing fading, allowing ventilation, and keeping out critters, regardless of species.



Security Screens


Protect against glass breakage with security screens by Texan Glass & Solar Control! Woven stainless steel mesh fixed into a strong perimeter mounting frame covers most storefront and window glazing from attack. Keep intruders out without feeling caged in. Security screens enable views toward the greatest degree of light. Customers can see outside during the day and retailers can merchandise safely all night long – just leave the lights on! Screens will repel most rocks, bricks, knives, crowbars and sling shots.  



We are extremely proud to exclusively partner with QMI USA for all of our security shutter and screen services. When it comes to superior product quality, customer service and warranty protection – we believe there is no one better for the job! All shutters and screens featured on this page are from projects using QMI products. If you have questions or would like to learn more about QMI USA, please visit their website here


Looking for more information on security shutters and screens? Feel free to browse our complimentary digital catalog! Here you will find detailed information and specifications for various products as outlined directly by our manufacturer, QMI USA. These include: 

  • HomeSafe®: Home Security Applications
  • StormSafe®: Weather Resistant Applications
  • StoreSafe®: Commercial Applications
  • ProductSafe®: Retail Applications
  • CounterSafe®: Concessions/Restaurant Applications

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