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Looking for an auto glass company in Pearland? Texan Glass is the leading auto glass company in South Houston, along with the entire greater Houston area! We’ve been in business since 2000, and for over 20 years we’ve been providing Pearland and the surrounding cities with top-notch auto glass services. Call today to schedule an appointment with us! 

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How Much Does an Auto Glass Repair Cost?

In some cases, a chip or crack might be small and stable enough to where we can safely perform an auto glass repair instead of a full replacement. Auto glass repairs are performed in order to prevent a chip or crack from spreading. Not always, but sometimes the repair can also fix the cosmetic appearance of the flaw, although the most important purpose of an auto glass repair is preventing the damage from spreading. So how much does an auto glass repair cost? Prices typically start at around $55, and the price goes up depending on the size of the damage. The great thing about auto glass repairs is that they tend to be much quicker (and cheaper) than replacements! However, when it comes to choosing between a repair and replacement, safety is our number one priority, and we would never recommend a repair if we thought it would be dangerous or if we determined you would still need a replacement later down the line.

How Much Does an Auto Glass Replacement Cost?

What if the damage isn’t contained to the size of a small chip or crack? In these cases, an auto glass replacement is required. This means that we will fully remove the existing auto glass, and reinstall brand new glass. Unlike auto glass repairs, replacements will fix the cosmetic damage 100% of the time. Additionally, a replacement will have much more longevity. Though our auto glass repairs can last you for years or longer, there will come a point when it’s time to fully replace the glass. You might be selling the vehicle, or maybe you’re sick of seeing the damage! Replacements generally start at around $175 for the most basic sedan. Prices will go up from there, especially if your vehicle has safety sensors or if you drive a larger vehicle like a truck. Regardless, a replacement is the only 100% effective method at getting rid of the damage for good, and never having to look at it or worry about it again! To price your auto glass replacement, give us a call!

What Happens Next?

So you’ve decided you want to contact us to schedule an appointment. What happens next? Over the phone, we can give you an accurate, instant quote. What we will need from you is your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and whether or not it has any additional sensors. It is important that you find our whether your vehicle has additional safety sensors, because that will determine which windshield is right for your vehicle. Yes, features like collision warnings and lane departure warnings will affect which part is right for your vehicle! We’ve had some customers who ask for “the cheapest one” even though they have safety sensors. Unfortunately, the cheapest one might not fit, and if it isn’t compatible with your vehicle there will be loose wires! If you’re unsure whether or not your vehicle has safety sensors, you can let us know your VIN number, and from there we will be able to look up exactly what is on your vehicle. Once we know which glass you need, we can order it and schedule you in for an appointment!


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When you choose to trust someone with an important repair for your vehicle, you don’t want to trust just anyone. Texan Glass has earned its reputation by our professional, friendly employees who get the job done right the first time!

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