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What is Auto Glass?

Auto glass consists of all the glass on your vehicle. This includes windshields, back glass (or rear windshields), door glass, vent glass, side mirrors, sunroofs, and more. Auto glass is built to last, but sometimes unavoidable circumstances come up and you will need to find a repair or replacement. At Texan Glass we carry both OEM and aftermarket glass, and we only supply the best quality glass for the best prices.

How Much is an Auto Glass Chip Repair?

The price of an auto glass repair varies on a number of factors, but typically you can expect to pay prices starting at $55+ for a complete auto glass repair. In comparison to a full replacement, a repair can save a decent amount of money. However, not all cracks and chips can be repaired. In many cases, a full replacement may be necessary. If you’re unsure whether you need an auto glass repair or replacement, contact us and we can help you decide what’s best for your situation.

When Do You Need an Auto Glass Replacement?

One function of auto glass is to protect you from debris while driving. As such, when a piece of debris does make itself onto your auto glass, it will probably leave a mark. If a chip or crack is very large, it’s time for an auto glass replacement. Like mentioned above you may be able to get away with an auto glass repair, however there may come a point when you will certainly need a replacement. If that happens, contact us!

Can Auto Glass Be Repaired While It’s Raining?

The short answer is no, auto glass cannot be repaired while it’s raining. The reason for this is because the sealant that’s used to affix the glass to the vehicle needs light to properly cure. The rain will hinder the curing process and compromise the integrity of the installation. For this reason, auto glass cannot be fixed while it’s raining. The exception to this would be if there’s a covered area safe from the rain to perform the installation. Since we provide free mobile services to our customers, many of them opt to have their installation done inside the garage or carport.

Will an Auto Glass Replacement Affect my Insurance Rates?

We accept most auto insurances as well as cash, credit, or debit. You might consider going to your insurance for your auto glass replacement. However, many deductibles are $500 or more, and our out-of-pocket prices are typically below that for most vehicles. In this case, there is no reason to go through insurance unless your insurer carries special coverage for auto glass. If your windshield is more than $500, it may be worth it to go through insurance. But will your rates go up? Not always! It depends on your insurance, the type of damage, and the nature of the accident. For something like windshield breakage caused by a rock that was kicked up, you were not at fault and it was unavoidable. In cases like this, your insurance rates may not go up. Consult your insurance company for accurate information on this.


We Get the Job Done Right the First Time

When it comes to auto glass, one of the worst experiences is having a technician come out to perform a service, only for the problem to remain or for a new problem to arise. Our technicians are extensively and continuously trained, and each has repaired and replaced thousands of windshields, making them experts at their craft!

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