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Motorized Shades and Retractable Patio Shades in Houston, TX

In the heart of Southeast Texas, safeguarding homes and businesses from natural and human threats is a critical concern. understanding this need, Texan Glass & Solar Control offers robust solutions to protect your property. Among our innovative offerings are Motorized Shades and Retractable Patio Shades in Houston TX, which blend seamlessly with advanced security measures.

Don’t leave your windows and doors vulnerable

Windows and glass sliding doors are often the most vulnerable points in any structure. During hurricane season, these openings face the brunt of strong winds and flying debris. The rising crime rates have also heightened the need for enhanced security at these potential entry points. Texan Glass & Solar Control addresses these concerns head-on with some of the toughest products on the market.

A full range of shades and shutters to protect your home or business

Our range of security solutions is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, offering peace of mind in any situation.

  • Rolling Security & Hurricane Shutters: Ideal for combating the ferocity of hurricanes, these shutters provide robust protection against high winds and debris.
  • Accordion Shutters: This option offers a convenient and efficient way to shield your property, being easy to deploy and robust in construction.
  • Colonial Shutters: Marrying aesthetics with functionality, these shutters add a traditional touch while offering solid protection.
  • Bahama Shutters: Known for their tropical flair, these shutters look good and provide excellent defense against storms.
  • Grille & Perforated Shutters: These shutters offer a unique combination of visibility and security, ideal for businesses.
  • Storm & Security Screens: A perfect blend of visibility and protection, these screens can withstand significant impacts while maintaining the aesthetics of your property. 

Our partnership with QMI USA

 We take pride in our exclusive partnership with QMI USA, a leader in security shutter and screen solutions. QMI’s commitment to superior product quality, exceptional customer service, and robust warranty protection aligns perfectly with our ethos at Texan Glass & Solar Control. The products featured are a testament to our joint commitment to providing the best in security solutions.

Motorized shades and retractable patio shades

 In addition to security shutters, we offer innovative shading solutions like Motorized Shades and Retractable Patio Shades in Houston, TX. These shades are not just about protection; they are about enhancing your living or working space, providing comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency.

  • Motorized Shades in Houston: These shades offer convenience at your fingertips. With a simple push of a button, control the amount of sunlight entering your space, thereby managing privacy and ambiance.
  • Retractable Patio Shades in Houston TX: Perfect for outdoor spaces, these shades provide the flexibility to enjoy the outdoors on your terms. They protect against sun and light rain, making your patio a year-round venue for relaxation or entertainment.

 Enhance security and appeal at your home or business

Texan Glass & Solar Control understands the need for protection and aesthetic appeal. Our range of products, from robust security shutters to elegant, motorized shades, is designed to meet diverse needs. With our commitment to quality and partnership with QMI USA, we assure you of the best solutions for your home or business in Houston, TX.

Safeguarding your property doesn’t mean compromising on style or convenience. Explore our range of shades and security solutions. Contact us today to find your space’s perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style.