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Energy costs & green building – combined with advanced security measures since “9/11” terrorist attacks, create conditions which high-performance window film glass film is fast becoming the standard for new home designs, green construction, architectural planning, & security films for retail stores.

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In addition to cost savings, window film tinting also provides increased insulation performance, Solar UV protection superior to most Low – E glass, safety and protection from hurricane wind debris and explosive force. No matter your situation, Texan Glass & Solar Control has a team of professional ready to help.

The Texas heat can be brutal – in fact, it’s made window tint more of a necessity than a luxury recently. For that reason, we strive to provide the highest quality film we can at an affordable price for every customer. We currently offer a variety of different lines and film colors to choose from including HanitaTek, Solar Gard and Geoshield – Take a look below to see which film is right for you!

Energy Cost Management

Applying window film to flat glass surfaces such as single pane, double pane, “Low E”, or treated glass can reduce the cost of electricity up to 30% to 40% in your home or business!

Fade Control

Texan Glass & Solar Control’s window film blocks 99% of UV rays from penetrating the home or workplace, reducing the impact of UV rays on your face and skin, and increasing the life of your furnishings and decorations.

Property Value Enhancement & Preservation

An “Instant Face lift”. Window film provides an aesthetically clean, uniform exterior that instantly increases the attractiveness of any commercial property.

Security & Protection/Blast Mitigation

Research from the Oklahoma City and US Embassy bombings revealed that 80% of injuries were caused by flying glass shards. The “smash & grab” theft robbery is also among the most expensive for retailers, making security film an excellent choice for product protection! 

Which Film Is Right For You?

Sun Control

When most people think of window film, they think of sun control films. These films are designed specifically to stop the glare and heat from the sun’s harmful rays. All of our films provide 100% UV Ray Protection and come in a wide range of visibility percentages to get the right shade for you! Give us a call today for a free quote!


These films are designed with one thing in mind, aesthetic appearance. Often times we work with customers on decorative films when they are considering putting up a frost film in a conference room or inner windows of a lobby. We have hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from! Stop by our design center to see some options today! 

Safety & Security

Sometimes a home or business requires extra protection and safety & security films provide just that. These films come in a range of thicknesses and offer a protective layer that help to keep glass together when breakage occurs. These films are popular with jewelry stores, pawn shops, financial institutions and convenience stores.

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