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At Texan Glass and Solar Control we believe customer service is the most important thing we do. We take pride in making sure your experience with us is second to none. Quality service can only be achieved if the right tools and products are used. For that reason we offer the best line of window films from GeoShield, Hanita Tek and Solar Gard. With the Texas heat making window film a necessity rather than a luxury many tint shops choose to use inferior films to maximize profit. When searching for window film you want to guarantee two main things:

1) The film is COLOR-STABLE – Tint utilizes three separate dyes (red, blue, and yellow) to create the effect you visibly see. Inferior and cheap films used in many shops today have a weaker yellow dye which eventually fades. This leaves only the blue and red dyes, which is why you see purple tint on cars and buildings. A good quality film has a reinforced yellow dye so that your film will never fade or turn purple.

Commercial and Residential Tinting

Call Texan Glass & Solar Control Spring Woodlands and Corpus Christi Texas for all your tinting needs.

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Give Texan Glass Tinting a call today to let us help you with your solar control needs. No matter if your problem is glare or heat we have a solution for you. We offer residential and commercial window film tinting in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Houston and Corpus Christi Texas. We can offer sun control products to fit your need. We also offer roll shades and retractable screens as well as solar screens. We can offer a total package to reduce heat and lower energy costs. Call today, 281-296-6200 for Houston and surrounding areas and 361-814-2000 for Corpus Christi.


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