Texan Mirror Makeovers

Texan Mirror Makeover

After Texan Bathroom Mirror Makeover

Transform your bath’s focal point – the mirror — with a Texan frame kit and go from bare to designer chic in minutes. To start your makeover, choose from over 60 beautiful styles. We then take your mirror measurements. We custom cut your frame within days. When it arrives, we assemble the frame and adhere it to your existing mirror. It’s easy — your mirror never leaves the wall. Start your Texan Mirror Makeover today!

Don’t settle for a bare mirror! Let Texan Glass and Solar Control dress up your mirror.

Fits any mirror. Does your mirror sit on the backsplash or run right into the corner wall? Have clips or a strip holding it up? No problem. Our frames attach to the surface of your mirror, cover clips and hide the mirror’s edges.

Texan Mirror Makeover

Texan Mirror Makeover – Gramercy

Quick to install. Depending on the size of the frame we either assemble it in shop or on site. Once the frame is set we install and your transformation is complete. Installation generally takes a little over an hour.

Costs far less. This eco-friendly option not only saves the mirror you have; it saves you from traditional framing or buying a more costly, pre-framed mirror.

Beautiful! Our high-quality, professional grade wood and MDF frames come in over 60 styles to adorn any decor. It is the answer designers and major hotels have used for over eight years.

We can install for you or do it yourself. Call today for more information! 281-296-6200