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Motorized Retractable Shades

Texan Glass and Solar Control is your professional source for Houston outdoor patio shades! Our retractable screens come in multiple fabrics and colors to get you the look you’re going for. We offer motorized patio shades powered by Somfy motors and manual outdoor shades that are operated by a hand-crank system.

If you are looking for larger Houston exterior shades, we offer Universal Motion Screens®. Get greater comfort, energy savings, privacy, and excellent views while providing the shade you need to enjoy you indoor and outdoor living. Our Phifer Sheerweave® and Phifer SunTex® fabric blocks the sun while offering great outward visibility. With our extensive line of fabrics we are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your home, patio, or sunroom while also reducing glare  as well as energy cost. Plus eliminate the mosquitoes and other bugs with our porch screen systems.

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Types of Houston Patio Shades

Free Hanging Shades

  • Traditional outdoor shade that freely hangs from mounted spot above
  • Usually operated with chain system or motorized unit/remote
  • Best Houston roller shade for smaller outdoor openings with minimal wind exposure

Cable Guided Shades

  • Features cables on each side to guide and hold the patio shade in place
  • Usually operated with crank system or motorized unit/remote
  • Best Houston exterior shade choice if user isn’t concerned with keeping bugs out

Motorized Track Screens

  • These Houston patio sun shades use side channels and a large bottom sweep to seal in space when rolled down
  • Usually operated as a motorized screen system – can be crank operated
  • Best when user wishes to enclose the outdoor space and keep bugs out

Complete Control

Complete Customization For Your Houston Retractable Shades

Choose Your Exterior Shade Color

We have many different colors to choose from! No matter how big or small the project, we will find a pattern that best suits your needs! Take a look at some of the colors offered!

Outdoor Shade Visibility Options

Everyone might be looking for something different when it comes to visibility in their outdoor shades. Want to cut out the sun’s glare but still see that beautiful backyard? Maybe an 80% is for you. Want complete privacy from those nosey neighbors? Try our blackout series! Other visibility options are available depending on which fabric you select with your Houston motorized patio shades – give us a call today for more information!