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Window Repair & Replacement

Whether it’s a broken single pane of glass, an insulated glass unit that has condensation due to a bad seal, or a large piece of glass in your storefront door or window we’ve got you covered.

Single Pane glass replacement is a fairly straightforward process…to the trained professional. Our job is to make your window look as if it never had a repair or replacement – from using the correct color of glass to choosing the proper vinyl to hold the glass in the frame we’ve got what it takes to fix it!

Double pane glass is slightly more complicated – there are different colors of glass and thicknesses of insulated glass units or “IG’s”. Depending on the size of the window and the window manufacturer there are quite a few different combinations. When replacing an insulated glass unit we make an initial trip to take the measurements of the window, clean up any broken glass that may be present, and seal up the opening if necessary. The insulated glass units take about 3-5 business days to manufacture and we’re out to install the replacement as soon as possible.

Why Replace Your Windows?

Single pane windows were once the norm in households, however, that has changed with the recent advancement in energy efficiency. Over time, cracks and leaking in single pane windows allows for moisture/air to penetrate into your home. This not only allows the weather to play a bigger impact on the energy efficiency of your house, it also reduces the comfort levels due to heat/cold exposure.

The benefit to double pane vinyl window replacement isn’t just in the added glass protection, but the framework too! Our frames contain multiple pockets that catch the heat that would be entering (or exiting during the winter months) your house. In addition, double pane vinyl windows will:

  • Reduce cooling and heating bills noticeably
  • Decrease fading and sun damage on interior furnishings
  • Improve insulation that creates a more comfortable environment
  • Increase curb appeal and add resale value for future owners
  • Provide noise protection from outside elements

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