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Manual Operated Patio Shades – Houston, TX

Texan Glass and Solar Control now offer large and custom-sized exterior roller shades that are hand-crank operated. The shades are currently available in sizes large enough to fit patios, pergolas, and decks with only one shade. The Houston outdoor shade system is perfect for areas previously too large for single-shade coverage. If you do not have the budget or just do not desire motorized patio shades, then our manually operated shades are a great alternative.

Introducing The Arion Shade System

The Arion Shade System is now available in sizes up to 16-feet wide. Previously shades had limited sizes available and would only cover small areas. Arion’s new design provides custom sized coverage for areas of the home requiring shade. In addition to the large size, the shades are available with hand crank or motorized options. The sleek aluminum design is attractive and adds an innovative touch to your home.

Houston manual operated patio shades

There are many benefits to these Houston retractable patio shades, including energy savings and temperature control. The outdoor shades protect homes from excess heat and sunlight. They allow for a more temperature-controlled climate and can help lock in cool or hot air depending on the time of year. The Arion Shade System also provides many years of use. The hardware systems are all aluminum and long-lasting. Unlike other outdoor shading systems, these exterior roller shades won’t fade or wear due to inclement weather conditions. The shade system will perform for you easily and without trouble, remaining attractive and aesthetically pleasing for many years.

Outdoor Roller Shades Houston, TXAvailable options include Cable-guided, Rod-guided, or Free-Hanging.

Houston Luxury Oversize Roller Shades

  • The perfect solution for large spaces
  • Interior or Exterior Application
  • Cable or Rod Guidance options
  • All aluminum components
  • Motor or Crank Operation